Hi, I'm João!

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About Me

Full stack developer

  • Name: João Oliveira
  • Location: London, UK

Highly focused and motivated full stack software engineer with 10+ years experience in a variety of technologies and different working methodologies.

Organised, methodical and always looking to code in a cleaner way. I'm a fierce defender of SCRUM and I do believe it's a great way to help create high performance teams.

Able to quickly pick up new ideas and technologies and used to work in fast-paced, constantly changing environments.

Above all that I just love coding and the new challenges it brings!



Experience & Education

Personal Portfolio

Set of websites I've worked outside my 9-5 job. This includes volunteering work with UK and Portugal based non-profit organizations and my personal playground that I use not not only to keep my CV up to date but also to test the latest technologies.